Our Male Gordon Setter Peak (born 7/1/2005)


Click this picture for a 5734 KB video of Peak as a puppy playing with our neighbor's puppy.  (This may take some time to download for a dial-up internet connection)


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Peak nuzzles the spiny rattler

Lilly tries to show Peak who's the boss

Peak scratches on the deck

Peak plays with the neighbor's yellow lab puppy

Peak stretches out in the grass

Peak loves chewing on sticks he finds in the yard

Looking coy on the wag bag

Playing with Lilly

Sitting by the wood stove

Asleep with Cathy and Lilly

Covered with wet snow after a walk

Asleep on the couch

Sniffing the air through the sun roof

Lips flapping in the breeze

After a walk in some wet snow

Peak loves the snow

Silhouetted against the snow and black spruce

Resting on the rug

Out for a walk on the Lakewalk with Lilly


Out of breath after running in the woods

Ears full of sticks after a walk in the woods

In Jay Cooke State Park on the high overlook trail

Walking with Lilly in the wetlands while snow is falling